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Humane Friends

A Community and Journal for the Animals

Humane Friends Rescuing Animals, Inc.
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This community is not to ask for a place to dump your pet. I feel certain there are communities who can help you with this but please do not post it here. *This rule does not apply to rescuers, rescues and rescue volunteers trying to find homes for shelter animals*

Pets are a lifetime commitment - not disposable property.

Humane Friends Rescuing Animals, Inc.

This is a community for animal lovers who are concerned about animal welfare, spaying/neutering, homeless pets, animal abuse, etc. It is maintained & moderated by xsyntrik & riot_grrl please refer any comments or questions to them.

This is a place where you can post about any animal welfare events occurring in your area. If you hear about an event in your area post it here! If you are from NY and you see a post in here regarding an event in NY, link it to your journal and any NY communities you belong to.

****Our main purpose is to get the word out about adoptions, fund-raisers, no kill shelter needs, etc.

If you work with a group, please post your related events and fund-raisers here.

If you need foster homes or volunteers, this is the place to seek them out!.

Have you adopted an animal from a rescue? Share your story with us!

There are very few rules at this point. General politeness and compassion are a must. Debate is fine but rude, inflammatory, name calling post will not be tolerated and will be removed. For example, there is great debate over declawing cats. Discussion of that topic is fine as long as it is done in a respectful manner.

Who are we? We are a very small group of volunteers and are always seeking help from our community and struggle to find a way to get the word out regarding events and fund-raisers. Traditional advertising can be quite expensive! Humane Friends is a no-kill rescue organization. We are a tax-deductible, non-profit 501(3)(c) corporation licensed by the Georgia Dept of Agriculture.

This year alone, we have already taken in more cats and dogs than we have adopted out. Though that seems to be the norm. We have been faced with many very ill homeless pets that we pay to get all vet work done for. We try to keep our adoption fees as low as we can and still be able to cover all our expenses but most of the time our expenses far exceed our adoption fees. We go to local animal shelters in this and surrounding counties on 'kill day' and try to rescue as many pets as we can.

We are not alone though. There are thousands of groups just like us who are in the same situation. We need word of mouth and people to show up at the events we sponsor, adoptions, etc.

There are so many ways to help if you are so inclined. Volunteer to help clean cages once a week for pets without foster homes. Foster an animal or two and give them love and security until they find their forever homes. Donate to your local no kill group or organization. Groups like Humane Friends receive no government funding at all!

Please donate a dollar or two via PayPal, if you have it, to help keep our group running. Even if it's a dollar it will buy a of can of prescription pet food for a sick animal or fresh litter for a day or two for a homeless cat. Every dime counts! Just click on the button below to donate:

You can also send cash, check or money orders, coupons, and any food or supply donations to:

Humane Friends Rescuing Animals
1242 Idlewild Court
Suwanee, GA 30024

If sending monetary donations, supplies or coupons, please enclose a note with your address as well. We would like to thank you properly!

A huge and very special THANK YOU to fat_shark who is always there for me when I need web design help. (oh wait, he doesn't help, he does it ALL!) Sean, you are brilliant!

Here is a must read book for anyone in rescue or who wants to begin rescue: Lost & Found

NEW! We need cages! We found a place to get them really cheap too!
We need the following if you can help with even one of them:
x4 - The Kitty Cabana (F-420)
x2 - The Kitty Condo (F-475)
x1 - The Kitty Villa (F-435)

Don't forget to spay/neuter your pet and don't forget to give an older dog or cat a second chance!